"Everybody wants rich Chinese Tourist"

samedi 15 février 2014

1.5 million Chinese tourists visit France each year,

1.5 million Chinese tourists visit France each year, the large open wallet. According to FT Confidential, their spending would indeed 5.400 euros per stay per person, half devoted to shopping. One might think that marks out the red carpet.

Not so, according to experts the body monitoring and study of the bank based in Shanghai. we noted that with few exceptions the majors ignore payment tools and sharing on social networks massively used by the Chinese, including when they travel.

Example UnionPay card (Visa equivalent) that very few stores accept and which there are very few distributors in Paris (unless JCB distributors Japanese map). Another gap here not taken into account, the Chinese instant messaging as WeChat (630 million users). WeChat (of which there are now a French version) facilitates interaction with brands.

"This could be achieved by putting QR Code on all the windows," says E.Baraud, which states that 20% of purchases of luxury goods of Chinese are in favor of their travels in France. Logic, they are much cheaper here than in China, where they are overtaxed. "Things could change" Price transparency that will surely be consequences. "Until now, luxury brands have increased their aligning with Chinese pricing. A trend facilitated by the propensity of the Chinese to consider so far as the more expensive it is more luxurious! But the fact they travel could change things, "says the specialist yet. His advice: invest in Chinese digital tools, starting with Alpay, local PayPal. "The Chinese are nationalistic and appreciate to see them recognized. "I must say that from afar, since all major brands still do not take the trouble to translate their website in Chinese!

source : http://pur-delire.blogspot.com/2014/02/wechat-le-reseau-social-chinois-se-paye.html

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