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samedi 4 janvier 2014

In 2014, Chinese tourists will be civilized !

In 2014, Chinese tourists will be civilized ! 

Do not put your fingers in the nose , do not spit or throw their trash are some of the recommendations made by the Chinese government . Its nationals travel enthusiasts welcome these instructions with kindness.
Spitting in public , urinating in a bottle or tag historic sites are just some of the "incivilities" prohibited under the guide of good manners for the use of Chinese tourists. Taking advantage of the increase in their standard of living , the Chinese are more likely to go on holiday abroad. However, their sometimes boorish manners " damage the image of the Chinese people " , said in May the Vice -Premier Wang Yang .

National Tourism Bureau ! 

Hoping to get back on track , the National Tourism Administration on Tuesday released a detailed manners guide on its website , on the occasion of the holiday period of the Golden Week , which marks the Chinese National Day. The detailed 64-page document calls on passengers in the second world power to " behave properly " and to " comply with the standards of civilized travel behavior ."
Thanks to its phase of " golden development" China totaled $ 102 billion in spending on travel abroad in 2012 , making the country the largest contributor to the tourism industry, according to figures from the World Trade Organization tourism. And the Chinese have made ​​over 80 million trips abroad last year. Several countries, including in Europe in crisis, has eased their administrative procedures for tourist visas to attract affluent Chinese and these often willing to spend . However, their behavior is sometimes inadequate . In May , a 15 -year-old scandal in Egypt, but also in China, etching his name in Chinese characters on a monument during a visit to a temple in Luxor . In February , a mother of mainland China had caused astonishment by her child urinate in a bottle in the middle of a restaurant in Hong Kong. The Chinese have adopted a number of practices in their country, that may shock abroad ... So they spit plenty in the street. And it happens to see mothers holding their children above the bins stores to enable them to make their needs.
No chrysanthemums in France

 The Guide !

The " good high tourist guide " recommends to avoid getting your fingers in the nose, picking his teeth with the fingers, or to throw his trash in the street , smoking or get shirtless public places, having a dirty appearance to slurp noodles at his meals in restaurants or airplanes. The guide also enacts rules or practices to be observed in some countries in particular: "Do not give chrysanthemums or yellow flowers when you're invited to a dinner in France ," not to claim pork in Muslim countries , or call Africans " blacks " or "black" and avoid touching people of the left hand in India.
These recommendations be acted upon ? "I do not think the new rules are unreasonable. Tourists represent a country. It is therefore important that we were representing well, "says a visitor to Hong Kong from Guizhou , interviewed by Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post. And add it always ensures that his son holds well when traveling abroad " . When we escalators , I told him to stay right not to block the passage " A another Chinese tourist preparing a trip to Thailand , quoted by people's Daily , says he learned about the use of tips before departure. " Lacking tipping culture , we are not accustomed to give in exchange for services in China. But I do not want to be considered a rude Chinese when traveling abroad , " he says , adding that he " ashamed when Chinese spit or scream in public. "

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