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mardi 21 janvier 2014

France is losing it its appeal for Chinese tourists !

 France is losing it its appeal for Chinese tourists !

The France lose it its appeal for tourists ? So this morning , France NEws reported that London would become the most visited city in the world, to Paris , a study Travelzoo update on the favorite destinations of Chinese in 2014. It appears that France, which still appeared in 8th position in 2013 , comes this year's "Top 10" .

100millions of Chinese will travel abroad this year  , but maybe less in France : via

 sources http://idee-cadeau-original.blogspot.fr/2013/12/7-choses-savoir-avant-de-partir-voyager.html

Top 10 destination ! 

This disaffection Chinese may cause a significant loss to France. China is indeed passed first in 2012 in terms of tourist spending abroad, with a total of $ 102 billion (75.5 billion euros) , stated the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in April. The WTO had explained this record by rising incomes Chinese and relaxation of exit. The number of Chinese travelers abroad has increased from 10,000,000 in 2000 to 83,000,000 in 2012, had said UNWTO. At the same time spending on international tourism of these travelers were almost eightfold . Surprisingly, the preferred destination for Chinese in 2014 will be Japan , despite the Sino- Japanese dispute over the Senkaku - Diaoyu Islands . 29% of Chinese respondents now put Japan ahead of their travel plans , against only 18 % in 2013. It is above all the weak yen that attracts Chinese , very fond of shopping during their travels abroad. It is only relatively recently that Chinese travelers began to enjoy the food and atmosphere of Japan notes Vivian Hong , President, Travelzoo China branch . The easing of visa restrictions put in place after the earthquake in 2012 also helped , he adds .


The United States also attract more Chinese . They were 25% consider overseas trip in 2013 , they are 29% this year and are at par with Japan.
Taiwan, considered a breakaway province by some Chinese, also the dimension and password from fourth to third place of the most popular destinations in 2014. Now, residents of large cities in China , can go only so far in Taiwan while they were forced to go in groups. In addition , Mandarin, used by many Chinese, is widely understood in Taiwan. Conversely , Australia has lost six places in the ranking and the Maldives 4. Finally, in Europe , Italy, Switzerland and Greece are the bunch tail the Top 10


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