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lundi 4 décembre 2017

More than one million Chinese tourists visited Australia

 Chinese tourists should come to Australia "more often"


Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that in terms of trend, visitors from China began to overtake those of New Zealand in May. From 2015 to 2016, the difference between the number of annual Chinese visitors and Kiwis has decreased by more than 140,000. Tourism Australia Director General John O'Sullivan said 1.2 million people from mainland China visited Australia last year, and it is expected that it will triple by 2026 to reach 3, 3 million a year. "It's a market moving at a speed and scale like we've never seen before," O'Sullivan said. "By 2020, we think that 42% of all visitors to Australia will come from Mainland China."

 China's love affair with Australia was a lucrative business


We anticipate that next year, Chinese visitors will overtake our main current market, New Zealand. Sullivan said China's love affair with Australia was a lucrative business. "These are big spenders ... if you look at the $ 40 billion that international visitors spent here in Australia last year, a quarter came out of China - about $ 10 billion," he said. said. he declares. "In Sydney, there are 8,000 new rooms on the agenda in Melbourne, there are approximately 6,000 rooms, so the constant injection of new rooms is really important and will help us meet that demand," he said. O'Sullivan said.

 Food and Restaurants


 Food and restaurants Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world and most Chinese tourists do not easily adapt to other dishes when traveling. Therefore, Chinese food should be provided throughout the trip. If the lunch is Western style, then the dinner must be Chinese or at least Asian. The Chinese normally expect food to be served quickly and a typical meal lasts less than an hour. In Western Australia, Chinese tourists often like to taste local foods such as seafood (including fresh oysters), kangaroo meat, vegetables, fruits and other popular dishes. The Chinese usually eat hot dishes and are not used to salads and cold dishes. The typical breakfast includes rice porridge with pickles, noodle soup and Chinese dim sum. Hot soup and hot tea should be provided during the cooler months during meals. For packed lunches, it is advisable to prepare instant noodles for those who prefer a hot meal over sandwiches or the like. Always offer warm or hot water instead of chilled water to the Chinese.

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