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lundi 4 mai 2020

Can you really negotiate with Tmall?

Can anyone sell products on Tmall Global?

To make it short, no because Tmall Global sets the bar high. Indeed, the approval process takes between 4 to 8 weeks.

Assuming you meet the following criteria:

  • You must prove that you own the brand or that you have a license to use it from the owner of the brand
  • You need a logistics plan
  • You must have "sufficient assets"
  • You must prepare all the documents and prove that your products comply with Chinese regulations. For a full list of documents, you can click here.
  • The documents required depend on the type of store you wish to open. You have the choice between these three alternatives:

  • Flagship store (only for brand owners)
  • Flagship store (wholesale market)
  • Authorized store (requires authorization from the brand owner)
  • Specialty shop

In short, Tmall Global is to sell authentic, high quality and branded goods. This is what Chinese consumers are looking for now.

Can I sell any type of product on Tmall?

It is exclusively B2C so everything related to B2B cannot be sold. It is the domain of Hong Kong, Tmall.hk which hosts Tmall Global.

For example, you can sell products that fall into these categories:

Care products


Beauty products

Vitamin supplements


Baby food

Baby care

Baby clothes







Cooking tools

How much does it cost to open your shop on Tmall?

Before opening your store, you must pay $ 25,000 as a deposit. Please note that this is a deposit, not a tax.

If you decide to close your store, the $ 25,000 will be returned to you.

SINO Info: Tmall may use part of your deposit to compensate certain customers in the event of the unexpected.

Annual costs

The Tmall has an annual cost which depends on the category of products you decide to sell on the platform.

The majority of the costs are between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 per year.

SINO Info: If you want to sell products that fall into different categories, you don't have to pay more than the cost of a product category.

The fact remains that you will pay higher rates.

For example, if the Category A rate is $ 5,000 and the Category B rate is $ 10,000, the annual rate you will pay will be $ 10,000.

The Tmall commission

In addition to the annual costs, Tmall also takes a commission based on the order values.

The commission once again depends on the category of products sold, but it generally varies between 2 and 4%.

Alipay service fees

In addition to this, Alipay, which is Tmall.hk's payment system, has a service charge of 1%.

Isn't there another way to start selling your products on a Tmall?

If, you can create a partnership with a Tmall agent.

In this case, the agent lets you use his own store to sell your products. Therefore, you do not have to pay money either for the deposit or for the annual fees.

On the other hand, the commissions taken on your sales will be higher.

you can contact


Tmall Partner agent



apply.tmallglobal@service.alibaba.com for review

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