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dimanche 1 mai 2022

Chinese Tourists are back in France in 2022

 Tourists are back in France, but some are missing. China, increasingly confined, and Russia at war are slowing down a rebound which is despite everything underway both in the capital, but also on the Côte d'Azur.


Paris, as we had not seen it for months. Here, fly boats full of tourists. There, streets crowded with passers-by from all over the world. But in this crowd, some are missing: the Chinese and the Russians. In 2019, they represented 2% of tourists in France and 6% of tourist receipts. In the gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte (Seine-et-Marne), their absence is felt on a daily basis. This castle was previously very popular with foreigners, 10% of visitors were Chinese. 

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France, the world's leading destination in 2019

The health crisis first scared away the Chinese, and since February, the war in Ukraine has kept Russian tourists away. On the Côte d'Azur, dozens of yachts are moored, stranded in the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes). Normally, one in three is rented by Russians, but today no reservations have been made. This absence and these financial losses are difficult to compensate according to the professionals. In 2019, France was the world's leading destination, with 90 million foreign tourists.

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau published its latest Paris tourism barometer on April 26, and the numbers are reassuring. Shaken by the Covid-19 crisis, the sector is recovering.

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Chinese Tourists and Paris

Paris is coming back to life after two lackluster tourist seasons, during which the major monuments had to close and welcomed far fewer visitors. If we are to believe the latest barometer of tourism in Paris, unveiled on April 26 by the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau and Mastercard, the situation is almost back to normal. Cumulative arrivals from European markets should “for the first time exceed the level of 2019”, with an increase of 1.5% in July, they tell us. This increase is mainly driven by the mass return of Spanish visitors, whose air reservations are 14.7% higher than three years ago. But also by the return of visitors from North America and Italy, whose number is increasing but has not yet reached the pre-Covid-19 level.

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