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lundi 2 mai 2016

Bali (Indonesia) Eyes More Chinese Tourists in 2016

Bali (Indonesia) Top travel destination for Chinese Tourists 

Bali is constantly voted the best island in the world. It is the ideal destination for most, and the personification of idyll tropical island. Bali indeed has it all - a Shangri-La by sea, in their natural beauty and religious, and advanced social image for the less crazy in the heart.

Chinese tourists love to travel in Asia!

There will be the famous surfing beach locations and swells of indigo south, exotic woodlands, palaces and temples of Ubud Jatiluwih rice grain and impeccable diving and rafting Rowdy to experiment and explore. Naturally, Bali is blessed with an all natural and social captivate the most experienced tourists landscaping.

Why Bali? 

Its diverse and rich interpretation of Hinduism permeates every corner of the field, offers every morning hours, until the day of silence Nyepi closing the airport. This unique blend of Hinduism is located in the center of the beauty of Bali paired with warm smiling people encounter every day hug. Craftsmen series of streets and scattering through the towns, they have in ages ancient traditions of the artwork and the creation and production of some of the best design on the planet.
Bali culture has captivated the thoughts of travelers because the first white and African American films of Charlie Chaplin were made during his visit in the 1930s Things were a little more innocent then, and the ladies of Bali yet they strolled topless, making the main island 'head sex' holiday places for settlers in search of a cheap joy reality.

Bali Tourism Bureau 

Bali’s Association of Travel Bureaus (Asita Bali) is optimistic of witnessing a surge in the number Chinese tourists visiting Bali in 2016.
Direct flights from Chinese cities to Bali Island could help increase the number of Chinese tourist arrivals, Chairman of Asita Bali I Ketut Ardana stated here, Monday.
On January 12, 2016, Garuda Indonesia launched a direct flight connecting Shanghai in China with Denpasar in Bali Island.

 “Recently, additional flights have been started to Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzou,” he added. With a population of over a billion people, China contributes at least 100 million tourists making overseas trips a year.
The number of Chinese tourist arrivals in Bali has increased significantly over the past few years, placing China as the second-largest tourist contributor, after Australia.
From January to November 2015, Bali received 642 thousand Chinese tourists, up 19 percent from 539,371 tourists recorded in the same period in 2014.
Bali has set a target to attract 4.2 million foreign tourists in 2016, a slight increase from four million in 2015. In the meantime, the nation’s flag carrier Garuda Indonesia recently opened a new route to China between Denpasar in Bali and Shanghai.

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